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Forté Healthcare is a leading Australian company dedicated to excellence in the design and manufacture of Patient Support Surfaces, Medical Mattresses and Pressure Care Products. Originally founded in 1995, we remain a family owned and operated company in our 2nd generation of management, with a continued commitment to quality and exceptional service.

Forté Healthcare has established a reputation among healthcare professionals as the Australian leader in the medical mattress industry, supported by decades of knowledge and expertise. We are trusted to supply major Government divisions including NSW Health, NT Health, QLD Health, SA Health, TAS Health, and the Victorian State Wide Equipment Program.

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Combining Innovation, Manufacturing Expertise and Service to Bring you Superior Patient Care

We are innovators and manufacturers that facilitate superior patient care and advanced nursing practice through a unique combination of technical and clinical expertise.

Through personalised customer care, agility, hard work and a positive team spirit, we create lasting relationships underpinned by our commitment to the highest ethics.

Small Enough to Care,
Large Enough to Deliver

Every individual has the right to quality care, comfort and well being which is underpinned by quality rest and sleep. The team at Forté Healthcare acknowledge this. That’s why our entire company – from product development to customer service and production – is geared to meet any need that arises. From the elderly clients in remote Australia requiring a custom size mattress, to a medical equipment store that wants to procure a solid mattress range for resale, we go above and beyond to ensure our clients’ needs
are met.

Whether it’s an individual patient or the busiest city Hospitals, Forté Healthcare’s passion to improve patient outcomes is unrivalled. No enquiry is ever too large or small – each receives consistent, personalised care to support long-standing client relationships.

A Special Focus on Pressure Injury Prevention

Pressure Injuries are life-threatening, painful, traumatic, and very costly.

Forté medical support surfaces are designed and manufactured with specific features that reduce and prevent the risk of Pressure Injury incidence.

Forté Healthcare maintains a close, collaborative relationship with internationally recognised clinicians specialising in Pressure Injury Prevention. Together with an unbiased and in-depth understanding of raw material technologies, Forté Healthcare is an organisation that enables the unique application of research and findings to Medical Mattress development and production. This creates unique innovations that improve patient outcomes and enhance best-practice nursing.

Dedicated Medical
Mattress Experts

From research and development to production and delivery, Forté Healthcare is 100% dedicated to supplying superior medical mattress solutions. This specific focus enables a standard of mattress performance that is unrivalled and ensures patients receive excellent quality of care.

The Faces Behind our

United in a desire to reduce pressure injuries, enhance the quality of life and comfort for patients and caregivers, and deliver exceptional value.

We are dedicated to supporting our clients in every possible way and known widely for our friendly and responsive client care team.

Throughout the entire company, we are driven by a culture of care.
We understand the critical role played by support surfaces and how essential it is that we enhance the health, comfort and independence of patients, which ultimately enriches lives and a sense of well-being.

We know every patient and health care facility has unique needs and concerns and deserve dedication from their suppliers to provide the right, tailored solutions – not missing out on the after sale support.

Our friendly team is professional and passionate about providing our patients and clients with the best solutions and successful outcomes.

We are committed to continued staff development and training to ensure that we stay on the forefront of innovation. Along the way, we build relationships with our customers, patients and healthcare professionals as they become a part of our journey to providing the best products for the best care.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to meet us yet, find the faces behind our culture of care below.

Stephen Sargeant


Greg Sargeant

Head of Sales & Product Development

Laurie Sargeant

General Manager

Bradley Fowler

Executive, Clinical Business Development

Ashleigh Kennerley

Client Care Executive

Carol Sargeant

Client Care Executive

Katie Doyle

Client Care Associate

Crystal Seeto

Co-Ordinator; Orders and Production



Karl Triebe

Production Manager

Brock Whittley

Drawing, Custom, R&D Support

Greg Doyle

Cover Production Team Leader

Sean Keenan

Dispatch Manager

Adriel Lovick

Production Coordinator | Air Systems

Jordan Keenan

Pre-Production Coordinator | Foam

Nicole Morris

Marketing & Graphic Design

Quality and Performance:
A Unique Blend of Global Technology

Forté Medical Mattresses are constructed from a unique blend of global technology. With strategic supply partners in Australia, Europe and United States, Forté Healthcare partners with innovative and world leading raw material suppliers to ensure our mattresses provide the highest possible standards of performance and patient care, supported by a robust supply chain.

Our Complete Solution Process



We all sleep. We all need rest.
Some need more sleep than others and we all have our own individual requirements when it comes to our bed and mattress. These requirements range from our comfort level to our ability to perform the basic task of getting in and out of bed. Your mattress or Support Surface, has many tasks to perform and many complications to address, particularly in an area where higher levels of medical care is needed.

Identifying the functions of a Support Surface that will meet an individual’s needs is complex and vitally important. The analysis of risk factors, consideration of the principles of Pressure Injury Prevention and other key areas of medical care as well as making a clinical judgment are only some of the aspects that complicate support surface decision making.



A medical device such as a Support Surface can impact an individual’s condition and can mean the difference between life and death and a slow or speedy recovery.

Some of the impacts of the Support Surface include:

  • General Impact Upon Comfort: Particularly with users already in discomfort or constant pain. Generalised discomfort means the body is less sensitive to ‘mild’ localised pressure pain. Just one complaint from the user about ‘mild’ pressure/pain can mean a pressure injury is stopped as early as possible or even prevented entirely.
  • Complicated Care: Pressure injuries are an additional, highly complicated care aspect and in many ways can have severe impact on overall condition and quality of life.
  • Lack of Sleep: an obvious yet often ignored impact. Compromised sleep means more fatigue. Increased fatigue leads to lack in body stamina and ultimately effectuates a declining condition.
  • Increase in Pain: The overall impact of declining condition amplifies the need for pain and sleep medication. Additional medication often elicits a reduced cognitive state and involves increased strain on the care regimen.

Standard & Custom Made

The unique Forté manufacturing facility located in Armidale combines three production divisions. These are:

Specialist foam fabrication and processing

Medical cover production

Air System Production

The Forté mattress range includes everything from static foam mattresses to complex air systems and specialised bed and pressure care accessories. Forté has developed a core range of standard products that have been tried and tested in the industry for years.

In addition, Forté has the capacity to custom make items via modifying any existing design or by embarking on an entirely
new product development project. Speak to Forté today if you can’t find the product you’re looking for, and our innovative team will engineer a solution.

If you can not find the product you are looking for, speak to Forté today and our innovative team will engineer a solution for you.

A Strong Commitment to
Environmental Care

As manufacturers, Forté Healthcare is committed to playing our part in environmental conservation. This includes:


All raw foam and plastic waste is 100% recycled. Raw foam waste is reconverted
for use in carpet underlay for the domestic and commercial markets.
Forté healthcare has very minimal waste that is non-recyclable.

Lean Production

Forté Healthcare has a lean production model which minimises excess manufacturing waste, reducing the environmental impact and footprint of our activities.

We Fulfil your Order

As evidence of our long-term commitment to the environment, Forté Healthcare offers the option to re purpose used mattresses to avoid landfill.

We call this the ‘Triple R’ Scheme, standing for ‘Return, Re purpose, Reuse’.
Disposal of used mattresses is a huge issue, not only due to cost, but also the poor biodegradability of polyurethane foams, which do not easily break down and the subsequent environmental impact.

The ‘Triple R’ Scheme redirects old mattresses from landfill and re purposes them within industrial applications such as re-pole and carpet underlay. Foams are exposed to an intensive mechanical and chemical treatment process, killing residual bacteria present to ensure safe use.

At Forté Healthcare, we also have the in-house capabilities to collect* and compress the old, expired mattresses and compress them into large dense bales. This facilitates efficiency in the process and aligns Forté Healthcare with suitable, large-scale partners that perform the shredding, adhesive and block forming process.

Whilst the re purposing process is performed free of charge, some costs may apply for collection* and handling of mattresses.

* Forté Healthcare reserves the right to refuse collection of mattresses should excessive bio hazards present in the used mattresses.

We Service the Australian and
New Zealand Markets from Our Head
Office in Armidale NSW