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About Us

Forté Healthcare; a family owned Australian company dedicated to excellence in the manufacture of Patient Support Surfaces, Medical Mattresses and Pressure Care Products. Day and night Forté products protect and enhance the well-being and comfort of patients and care givers in Acute Care Hospitals, Aged Care Facilities and Medical Home Care.


Forte Healthcare places a strong emphasis on innovation. As manufacturers, we specialise in developing and manufacturing products based upon ever evolving clinical requirements and established patient care principles. We are continually applying new concepts and techniques to make a difference in the lives of patients and caregivers alike.


With an extensive 20 years of experience serving the Australian and New Zealand Healthcare Markets, our product development & design service provides guaranteed satisfaction to our clients and ensures a product of uncompromised quality and clinical performance.


Forte Healthcare frequently consults with recognised clinical experts to ensure we remain at the forefront of our industry and are well acquainted with evolving patient care challenges. We enable clinicians, facility managers and healthcare procurement professionals to specify and customise products like never before.
We understand your priorities must be met, and we work with you to deliver an effective care solution that you can rely upon. From caregivers to patients, pressure care to logistics, we take a holistic view to ensure that no requirement is overlooked.
We welcome any enquiry to meet your needs however large or small.


Forté Healthcare products are manufactured in our New England NSW factory. We operate a lean manufacturing system whereby products are produced to order. This allows for huge flexibility to customise and specify products to meet unique needs. We are committed to ensuring products we manufacture meet global patient care and medical facility standards.
We work directly with leading global foam, fabric and plastic raw manufacturers ensuring we have access to the best of materials and full control of product quality.

Australian Owned

Forté Healthcare is a 100% Australian owned family company with a commitment to delivering an unmatched level of client satisfaction and personalised service.
We succeed in a global market space dominated by large corporate companies through our long-standing client relationships. Maintained through integrity and trust and an uncompromising desire to innovate and manufacture medical products of the highest standards of quality and performance.
Our production and offices is located in Armidale NSW in the heart of the New England region. This means a good deal more than patriotism, it means patients receive premium products from a reliable source.

Every Product Custom Made

Every patient is unique and no two care environments are necessarily the same.
We readily acknowledge that with patients well-being and staff safety is at stake, we cannot take a ‘one-size suits all’ approach.
Every product we manufacture is custom made. We offer bespoke modifications to meet needs such as;

  • Unique pressure care requirements
  • Custom weight capacities
  • Adjustments
  • Continence and fluid management
  • Varied functional needs
  • Infection control and management and much more.

Premium Quality

At Forté Healthcare we stand behind the performance of our products with the utmost confidence.
We understand no one company can be all things to everybody so our primary focus to ensure products we manufacture continually raise the benchmark for patient care, performance and quality.

10-Day Dispatch Guarantee

We are privileged to work within a sector that makes a positive difference to the lives of patients. We see it as critical that our products reach the end-user quickly and efficiently to maximise their clinical benefit.
We pledge a 10-Day Dispatch Guarantee for standard and custom made products for order quantities of up to 10 units. This means we will manufacture a Forté product (standard or custom) from raw materials to finished state and have it available for dispatch within 10 days of order confirmation. Conditions apply.

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