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Airoform Immersion

Forté Airoform Immersion technology adapts the latest in Foam expertise with proven Clinical parameters in order to Pressure Injury Prevention and provide optimal Patient Comfort.

Forté Airoform is available is 3 variations, Airoform Memory, Airoform Gel, and Airoform Response.

Each foam technology offers care and comfort unique to patient requirements and can be used individually or blended in order to improve patient care and outcomes.

Airoform Immersion foams are designed to be used at the skin interface level of support surfaces to achieve and improve;

  • Microclimate Conditions
  • Immersion, Pressure Redistribution and Minimising Localised Peak Pressures Damaging to Skin
  • Reduction of Shearing and Related Forces Patient Comfort and Rest
  • Patient Function and Mobility




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