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Fourfront | Seclusion

Fourfront FS4 Seclusion and Isolation Care Mattress

The Forté Fourfront FS4 Seclusion and Static Care Mattress provides superior patient protection, durability and performance within the Mental Health Seclusion/Isolation Room environment. 100% Australian made from premium quality raw materials, the Fourfront Seclusion Support Surface provides reassurance to caregivers and exceeds performance expectations within the seclusion room setting. An extensive variety of configurations are available providing for a wide range of patient needs and facility requirements.

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Patient Interface Layer

  • Enhances patient comfort to deliver superior rest
  • Premium grade, high performance foam
  • Meets BS5852 (fire retardant) source 5 specification

Premium Postural Support Lower Core Region

  • Open cell high quality foam
  • Provides exceptional comfort and postural support for repositioning and patient care
  • Provides exceptional conformity and profiling to medical bed surfaces
  • Meets BS5852 (fire retardant) source 5 specification

Optional Integrated Pillow (FS5)

  • Enhances patient comfort
  • Dual density inverted convolute construction
  • Tamper resistant
  • High performance foam
  • Meets BS5852 source 5 specification

Available in 4-Way Turn Configuration

  • Provides maximum versatility
  • Well suited to agitated patients likely to reposition the support surface
  • Dual patient interface layers, triple layered core


Rip-Stop, Tear Resistant Fabric

  • Ultimate durability
  • Provides core protection
  • 100% waterproof to prevent ingress of fluid and infection
  • Fire retardant and meets ASTM D6413 requirements
  • Wide range of fabrics available for applications such as Group Home and long term patient care
  • Suited to wide range of cleaning chemicals for maximum infection control

Fully Sealed and Enclosed Cover

  • Protects foam core against willful damage
  • No point of entrance to foam core

Integrated Pressure Relief System

  • Relieves internal strain on cover seams
  • High frequency welded to cover fabric
  • Positioned unobtrusively for patient comfort

Fourfront Mattress Core Specifications.

Speak to Forte Healthcare to discuss your specific requirements.

standard sizing
length 1900 mm, 2000 mm
thickness 400 mm, 500 mm
widths 900 mm, 1000 mm
Foam Core Warranty 5 years*

*Warranty refers to any manufacturing or product defects. Due to its nature, foam will soften and its resilience will decrease with usage and age. Contact Forte Healthcare Solutions for further specific information.

Fourfront | Seclusion Image

Fourfront FS5 | Seclusion & Isolation Care Mattress w/Integrated Pillow

Fourfront | Seclusion Image

Fourfront FS4 | Fully Sealed & Enclosed Heavy Duty PVC Cover

Fourfront | Seclusion Image

Froufront FS4 | 4-Way Turn Configuration

Fourfront | Seclusion Image

Fourfront FS5

Fourfront | Seclusion Image

Fourfront FS Integrated Pillow Section

Fourfront | Seclusion Image

Fourfront FS4 Integrated Pressure Relief System

Fourfront | Seclusion Image

Fourfront FS4 Heavy Duty PVC Cover

Fourfront | Seclusion Image

Fourfront FS41000 Seclusion and Isolation Care Mattress

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