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Medical Air Mattresses

We are committed to providing medical support surface solutions for patients and caregivers and making a difference in people’s lives.



Used and trusted in care facilities across Australia, the Airmonte provides a high standard and consistency of care, with a flawless, easy to operate advanced design at excellent value. Key clinical requirements including adjustable
cell pressure, alternating/static modes, adjustable comfort level, low air loss, quick-release CPR valves, quality componentry, effortless operation and easy maintenance ensures effectiveness and comfort for patients and support for carers. Select the Airmonte Pressure Care Mattresses and achieve unsurpassed reliability and exceptional care.

Applications: Aged Care, Home Care

The ZEPHAIR Mattress range provides true leadership in powered patient pressure care. Tried and trusted in facilities from ICU Wards to Palliative Hospice use, this pressure care system will provide the answer to all acute care needs, whilst providing unparalleled comfort and staff Primary Care compliance.

Key clinical attributes include ventilated immersion upper layers, deep 24 cell alternating integrated inner mattress core, firm base foam layer, quiet efficient air flow generator with easy set weight calibration and dual stretch waterproof breathable cover.

The ZEPHAIR Pressure Care Mattress range includes models suited for standard hospital bed sizing, wide & bariatric requirements. The quality and features of the Zephair range allow confident usage
in the Hospital, Aged Care and Spinal environments. Select the Zephair Pressure Care System and achieve unsurpassed reliability and consistency of care.

Medical Air Mattresses in Australia & NZ

There are many benefits that a medical bed air mattress can have for your patients and caregivers. Here at Forte Healthcare, we can provide a hospital air mattress for any client across Australia and New Zealand. With experience exceeding 25 years in the industry, we can help you to select a mattress that meets your exact requirements. Read More

Why Choose a Medical Air Mattress from Forte Healthcare?

A hospital air mattress is an excellent choice for a pressure-relieving air mattress and often a necessity when patients have existing pressure injuries or are at a very high risk of developing them. As the patient is moved, the pressure points can also be changed to offer more relief to the patient. By doing this, the patient is less likely to develop pressure ulcers.

A medical air mattress is used for acute care needs. The Forté medical air mattresses are specifically designed in improvecomfort for the patient and ease of use for the caregiver whilst providing a high level of pressure relief.

An air mattress can be used throughout hospitals, hospices, care homes or for care at home to deliver patients a better experience and consistency of care. They are also easier to transport than heavier mattresses.

At Forte Healthcare, we use the highest quality materials to make our mattresses and other product. When you choose a medical bed air mattress from us, you can be sure that the system has been innovatively designed to bring the very best experiences for your patients. This includes silent operation so that patients are not disturbed and can rest comfortably.

Our mattresses are also available with different options so that we can find the best solution for your patients. Every product is customisable, and this means that we can add any modifications that your patients may require at the manufacturing stage. We know there is no such thing as one size fits all, and we are here to change that with bespoke options for our clients and their patients.

All manufacturing takes place at our factory in New England, NSW. By manufacturing our products here in Australia, it means we can have full control of the product quality, and you can be assured that we work with leading foam, fabric and plastic raw manufacturers to make your mattress out of the highest quality materials.

At Forte Healthcare, we are here to support you as you purchase your medical mattress. We offer a clear consultation process so that we can ensure your patients and caregivers get exactly what they need. With customisable products, it has never been easier to give your patients the best. 

Enquire About Our Hospital Air Matresses in Australia Today

Forte Healthcare is proud to have developed longstanding relationships with different healthcare providers in both Australia and New Zealand over the years. It is our commitment, dedication and integrity that allows us to design innovative products that meet patients’ requirements, even when they have complex needs.

You can enquire with us today about our medical air mattresses and other products, and we would be happy to guide you through the process. Read Less


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