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Wound Care Mattresses

Managing and caring for patients is made much easier with the right equipment, and thanks to the technology at Forte Healthcare you will find the right wound care mattress that suits your needs.




The Ultimate Wound Care Mattress

We have more than 20 years of experience in the New Zealand and Australian medical markets, and with our clinical knowledge and technical expertise, we have designed a range of hospital bedsand hospital mattresses and covers that are innovative and advanced. Suitable for use in settings like care homes and critical care units as well as in-home care, each mattress can be created as a one-off bespoke design or on a volume scale depending on what is needed. We follow a commitment to the highest ethics combined with personal customer care and a clear consultation process that leads to long-term relationships.

If your patients need support with a wound care mattress, then our range of mattresses and covers can be configured to suit exactly what you need. Read More

Mattresses for Wound Care, Pressure Injury Prevention, and Infection Control

We have developed the largest range of medical mattresses including wound care medical mattresses that make it simple and safe for staff who need to care for patients that are less mobile and more at risk of pressure injuries.

One of the most important features of our mattresses is the development of medical-grade, technologically effective foam. The immersion features help with the enhanced envelopment of bony prominences and ensure that body pressure is spread equally throughout the surface, preventing, and treating pressure injuries. A mattress for wound care needs to allow for easy patient movement and transfer, and the shear mitigation built into every mattress means that the mattress itself will remain solid and reliable.

Another important feature is that the wound care hospital mattress manages the microclimate both within the mattress itself and close to the skin of the patient. This is achieved through air circulation that minimises heat entrapment and ensures moisture evacuation so that there is less chance of infection.

The wound care medical mattress can be made more reliable with the technical covers we create. We have a wide range of covers available suitable for different functions. You can choose from polyurethane-coated uppers or 100% PVC, all designed to be easy to clean and resistant to disinfection chemicals – much better for infection control.

Why Choosing Forte’s Wound Care Mattresses for Your Needs

Here at Forte Healthcare, we have used our clinical and technological expertise to locate the best suppliers who follow our exacting ethical and quality ideals. This means that we have scoured the globe to work with only the best, importing raw material from Belgium and the UK to be transformed into bespoke, quality mattresses in our specialist facility in New England. Task us to create the perfect wound care mattress for your patients. Read Less


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