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Fall Prevention Mattresses

Caring for an elderly, frail or less mobile patient can be difficult, especially if they are more prone to falls. Providing a fall prevention mattress is one way to reduce the risk, and here at Forte Healthcare our range of medical mattresses with fall prevention are designed to suit every environment.


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Used and trusted in care facilities across Australia, the Airmonte provides a high standard and consistency of care, with a flawless, easy to operate advanced design at excellent value. Key clinical requirements including adjustable
cell pressure, alternating/static modes, adjustable comfort level, low air loss, quick-release CPR valves, quality componentry, effortless operation and easy maintenance ensures effectiveness and comfort for patients and support for carers. Select the Airmonte Pressure Care Mattresses and achieve unsurpassed reliability and exceptional care.


The Importance of a Fall Prevention Mattress

Forte Healthcare has more than 20 years of experience in the Australian and New Zealand healthcare markets, and through our clinical and technological expertise, we have created an innovative range of hospital grade mattresses that are suitable for use in hospitals, care homes, mental health settings and even for use in the home. These mattresses are the culmination of our knowledge and studies, and with our bespoke customer service, we can create the perfect mattress for your patients’ needs – whether that is a one-off production or volume manufacturing.

Every patient has different needs, and every mattress can be configured to your exacting specifications – whether you are caring for bariatric or palliative patients or helping elderly or frail patients. Choosing the right fall prevention mattress will make a great difference to patient care, outcomes, and safety. Read More

How Does a Fall Prevention Mattress Work?

Falls from a hospital bed can be prevented in several ways, but some might be more difficult to manage than others. For some facilities, the use of bed rails can make a difference, but for patient mobility, transfers, and hands-on care these can be obtrusive and get in the way of safe care.

A fall prevention mattress, on the other hand, provides a firm barrier within the mattress itself. A firm foundation layer prevents ‘bottoming out’ while ensuring a central position for the patient, whether supine, prone or in fowler or semi fowler position. This central positioning is important to reduce falls, as is a lower bed height.

Profile stabilising sides are the main feature of a fall prevention hospital mattress. If a patient moves or rolls, the firm edges present a barrier that stops them from sliding off the bed. They are a gentle and non-invasive feature and generally preferred in many situations – especially where a patient’s dignity is of more importance, like in aged care.

In our mattresses, the profile stabilising sides have several benefits, not only as a medical mattress with fall prevention but also enabling primary care and simple patient transfer to be completed easily. Unique hinge points in the sides mean that the mattress will conform to any bed position, whether a manual riser or mechanical.

You can find profile stabilising sides in every fall prevention medical mattress, and in combination with our other innovative designs, many configurations can be used to create mattresses that are suitable for a range of applications.

The Essential Structures of a Medical Mattress with Fall Prevention

The medical-grade foam and combination of other materials chosen are all essential structures of a medical mattress with fall prevention. Shear mitigation, immersion technology, air circulation and anatomical support all feature in our mattresses, and we can discuss with you the exact specification that would be right for your situation – whether at home or in a facility. Contact the team to find the right fall prevention mattress for you. Read Less

Applications: Aged Care, Home Care

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