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Mental Health Mattresses



The Fourfront Range delivers ultimate patient care and support surface versatility within the mental health setting. Fourfront Static Care Mental Health Support Surfaces are the superior choice for high performance mental health ward applications.

Tried and trusted in facilities nationwide, the Fourfront range combines outstanding durability, 4-way rotational ability, a high standard and consistency of care and excellent value.

Fourfront Mattresses incorporate fully sealed and enclosed covers to protect the foam core and with all foams being fire retardant, they meet clinical guidelines for Mental Healthcare.





Sovereign SM5 High Care Mental Health Mattress

The SM5 High Care Mental Health Mattress is the superior choice for high-performance mental health ward applications delivering effective support for a wide patient weight range. Designed to provide optimal support for patients up to 185kg, the Sovereign seamlessly combines effective patient care and longevity.

Sovereign SM6 High Care Ventraflow Mental Health Mattress

The Sovereign SM6 is the superior choice for Mental Health Patient Care when pressure injury risk management is a high priority. Utilising groundbreaking Ventraflow technology specifically adapted for Mental Health, the SM6 provides superior patient immersion, envelopment and ultimate core stability for a broad range of patient requirements. The Ventraflow system combines with Ultra-High Performance Interface foam providing superior patient rest and comfort, nursing/primary care, compatibility for patient repositioning, infection control and durability. An extensive variety of configurations are available providing for a wide range of needs and requirements including custom sizing for precision fitting to the bed base used within the care setting.

Forte Healthcare: Suppliers of Mental Health Mattresses

A mental health mattress from Forte Healthcare is a specially designed solution for patients within a mental health setting.

As an experienced psychiatric beds manufacturer, we can help you to find a mattress that brings your patients comfort whilst caring for the needs of your clinical staff. Read More

Why Come to Forte Healthcare for Your Mental Health Mattress?

Our consultation process, ensures the best mental health bed for your patients. Our range of Fourfront mattresses offers you 4-way rotational core and, high-performance, fire retardant foams and fully sealed and enclosed covers ensuring patients are comfortable and can safely rest with-out causing any harm to themselves, staff and equipment.

We have different options available to meet your requirements, including the Fourfront FM4, Fourfront FM5, Fourfront FM6 and the Fourfront FS Seclusion. No matter which mattress you pick, you can expect durability and suitability of design.

Each waterproof hospital mattress has fully sealed and enclosed high frequency welded covers to providing the ultimate protection, and it means that it made for longevity. They also conform to safety standards, and all the foams are fire-retardant.

We take a multidisciplinary approach to consultation, and work with clinicians, caregivers, facility managers and anyone else involved in the patient’s care in order to select the most appropriate Fourfront mattress for the needs of the patient. Whether you want to place a small or large order, Forte Healthcare will be happy to supply you with what you need.

When you order a mental health bed mattress, we can custom make it ensuring patients get exactly what they need. We recognise that no two patients are the same, and we can offer you modifications so that they get the best psychiatric mattress for them.

Modifications can include unique pressure care requirements, custom weight capacities or infection control features to name just a few. Your options will be fully explained to you during the consultation process.

Find Out More About Our Psychiatric Mattresses Today at Forte Healthcare

Forte Healthcare is an Australian owned company, we have been providing healthcare solutions to Australia and New Zealand for over twenty years. As we specialise in medical mattresses, therapeutic support surfaces, pressure-relieving cushions and patient positioning products, we know how to deliver patient comfort without compromising on pressure injury prevention requirements.

For orders of up to 10 units, we provide a 10 day production guarantee for custom made orders of mattresses.

We manufacture our mental health mattress in our Armidale New Englandfactory, and this means we have full control over product quality through our vertically integrated process. We work with leading global foam, fabric and plastic raw material manufacturers to provide a unique blend of product performance and quality bringing you the very best in medical mattresses.

At Forte Healthcare, we are committed to exceeding the expectations of clients, prescribers and clinical professionals. Offering premium quality products in a manufacturer direct model you can look forward to longevity, effective performance and value with each and every Forté Medical Mattress. Browse through our website to find out more about our mattresses, or you can request a catalogue today. Read Less


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