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Waterproof Hospital Mattresses

In a hospital, a waterproof medical mattress is an essential piece of equipment for your patients as itensures the longevity of your mattress whilst assisting with infection control.


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  • Combines Airoform Immersion Foams with Profile Modulation Technology
  • Individual ‘Profiled’ Cells within Secondary Region Deflect at Higher Pressure Points for Enhanced Envelopment of Bony Prominences
  • Increases contact between surface and patient, dispersing and equalizing contact pressure
  • Provides excellent conformity to individual patient body profiles
  • Unique Immersion region provides superior internal movement, reducing shear forces presented at the skin interface
  • Shear and friction is reduced by the interface layer maintaining position beneath patient and the profiled immersion layer moving


  • Provides additional immersion and envelopment
  • Provides postural support for patient comfort
  • Resilient to optimize function, mobility and repositioning
  • Responsive to Patient Movement and making Repositioning Easier, Increasing ability to offload pressure points

  • Increased Air Circulation through Profiled Immersion Layer
  • Minimises localized heat concentration to balance temperature at the skin interface
  • Forté Airoform Memory, Airoform Gel and Airoform Response Technology available as standard


  • Protects patient from ‘bottoming-out’ whilst in seated/femi- fowler/fowler position
  • Provides enhanced support for repositioning and transfer Assists in primary care
  • Provide lateral stability and reduce falls risk
  • Support patient transfer and ingress/egress
  • Assist primary care, provides caregivers a firm edge for support for repositioning
  • Protects patient from edge of bed surface


Waterproof Hospital Mattresses in Australia &NZ

At Forte Healthcare, we have a range of hospital grade mattresses to meet the needs of the healthcare market and their patients. We offer both the exclusive Advantiflex and Premiflex cover options that together provide superior performance, hygiene, pressure care and compliance with healthcare standards.

We have been working with the healthcare industry and providing medical mattress and pressure care solutions to both the Australian and New Zealand market for over twenty years.

Our long standing partnerships with many healthcare providers as we provide a customised and holistic approach to healthcare products. Read More

Why Choose a Waterproof Hospital Mattress?

A waterproof hospital mattress is designed to resist any fluids from reaching the foam inside the mattress. In doing so, the life of the mattress is extended and infection control risks are managed.

The Forté Advantiflex and Premiflex covers may be easily cleaned as the mattress’s surface can be fully wiped down and disinfected. The non-textured surface complies with hygiene standards and requirements.

Along with this, a waterproof hospital bed mattress must be designed to assist in the prevention and treatment of pressure injuries. It is especially important when patients are using the waterproof hospital bed that clinical factors such as microclimate, shear and friction are considered for skin integrity and that the waterproof cover sufficiently address this.

At Forte Healthcare, we work with you to prescribe the most suitable medical mattress solution that meets the needs of your patient and facility. Our product specialists provide a holistic consultation process before we complete your order, ensuring that waterproof and infection control needs are sufficiently addressed along with any other requirements that your patients may have.

We understand that no two patients are the same, which is why we can also offer customisations to our pressure relief mattresses. This could include any unique pressure care requirements, varied functional needs and weight capacities, along with many others. When you talk to us, our experienced team will offer you an effective solution ensuring an optimal patient care outcome.

As our mattresses are manufactured in Armidale factory, we can make specifically to your order. We are constantly working with leading foam, fabric and plastic raw material manufacturers globally to develop unique technology to deliver enhanced patient care and support positive clinical outcomes. The option of our custom made solutions ensures all your patient’s requirements are targeted, no matter how complex these may be. You can rest assured that all our products meet global patient care and medical facility standards.

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Forte Healthcare is an Australian owned company. Client satisfaction and personalised service are at the heart of our business, and we are determined to provide exceptional care solutions to the health markets in Australia and New Zealand.

For both standard and bespoke orders, we aim to dispatch your items to you quickly because we understand that in healthcare, speed is of the essence. We guarantee dispatch within ten days for custom mattress orders of up to 10 mattresses.

Raw materials and Medical Mattress configurations manufactured by Forté are unique and have been developed to provide outstanding performance in medical applications. You can rest assured that you are getting a durable product that gives your patients the care and performance they need.

To find out more about what we have available, browse through our website, request a waterproof hospital grade mattresses catalogue or arrange a consultation with us today. You can get in touch with us on our online contact form or by calling 1300 73 11 63 or emailing Read Less


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