5 Best Medical Mattresses of 2024

Whether you are looking for new mattresses for a hospital or care facility, or you are a home carer and want to find the best medical mattresses for use at home, you have come to the right place.

Here at Forte Healthcare, we specialise in providing professional and home carers with medical equipment to give those in their care the level of care in the most comfortable and safe environment.

What Are The 5 Best Hospital Bed Mattresses of 2024?

The Zephair Air Mattress Range

All patients have varying needs, but if you are looking for an option that delivers the very highest levels of care for the weakest, then the Zephair Air Mattress range offers uncompromised comfort. As the most comfortable alternating air mattress available, there are plenty of features that improve the outcomes for those in your care.

The Zephair range is suitable for use in ITC units as well as palliative care. With its firm foam base, quiet and efficient airflow generator and washable yet breathable cover, this top range mattress gives you what you are looking for.

It can also come in different models to suit different bed sizes and weight requirements.

The Sovereign S3

The Sovereign S3 is a hospital’s favourite model. It offers pressure injury prevention for high-risk clients, and is infection control and WH&S friendly.

The Sovereign S3 is currently on QLD, NT and NSW hospital state contracts, and it is trusted by professionals.

The Homecare Icon

If you are after a hospital mattress to use at home for medium-risk patients, the Homecare Icon is an excellent option. With its premium quality, it’s a luxury homecare favourite.

The Sovereign S4

Should you be looking for a luxury homecare favourite for higher-risk patients, then choose the Sovereign S4. It gives you consistent reliable care, alleviates pressure points and allows for temperature control thanks to its dual immersion technology incorporating Airoform Memory Breathe Immersion Interface Layer and Ventraflow secondary immersion region.

With its profile stabilising sides, the mattress is designed to encourage patients to stay in a central position and aids patient transfers.

The Icon IS22 Stretcher

In acute medical environments, such as emergency departments, many different patients will come through the doors and need a mattress that provides Consistent support and pressure care while being treated (or waiting to be treated).

The Icon IS22 stretcher mattress has a 5-layered high-performance core that encompasses performance, comfort and Pressure Injury Prevention within demanding acute environments.

It comes with integrated strengthened sides to offer a safer space for whoever may need to use it, and it can be customised to suit different beds, stretchers or trolleys.

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