6 Tips on How to Choose the Best Hospital Bed Mattress

A hospital bed is an essential piece of equipment to ensure the highest patient care and comfort. When you are caring for a loved one at home, getting them the right bed gives them a safe space, many of which come with perimeter guards, and they can reduce unnecessary complications.

Those who spend significant time in bed are at more risk of pressure injuries or bedsores. A hospital-grade mattress can take this into account and offer the best relief. They are also designed for easy cleaning, making them a hygienic option.

If you are wondering how to choose the best hospital mattress for the person you care for, we’re here to help.

What Are The Different Types of Mattresses?

When it comes to choosing a hospital bed mattress, you will be met with plenty of options, so narrowing down your choices is essential. Here, we have compiled a summary of each type of mattress to enable you to make an informed decision.

Don’t forget, our friendly team at Forte Healthcare is also here to give you any advice you may need.

Pressure Relieving Air Mattress

A Pressure relief mattress should be used If you are caring for someone who has limited or not mobility, needs long-term care and therefore is at higher risk of pressure injuries. Pressure relief mattresses, also known as pressure relieving air mattresses provide complete offloading of pressure across the body.

At Forté Healthcare, we have a range of pressure relieving air mattress systems including the Airmonte & Zephair models. Our air mattresses feature a narrowair cells, so patients are less disturbed and gives extra protection. With a silent, ergonomic pump, this mattress choice provides the ultimate rest and recuperation space.

Static Foam Mattresses

Static foam mattresses provide pressure redistribution. Our static foam mattresses can be used in aged care, hospital wards, palliative care and home care. Each mattress is designed for specific functions using a combination of foam technologies and types. Some common features include:

  1. Airoform immersion interface foam such as the Airoform Gel which regulates a patient’s temperature, provides comfort and immersion, profile stabilising sides – to assist with safe transfers and bed mobilisation. Optimising bed mobility and the ability to repositioning supports pressure relief and enables independence.
  2. Anti-shear mechanisms – any movement in bed increases the risk of sheer or friction related pressure injuries. A good static foam pressure care mattress must have anti-shear mechanisms such as the Forté Super Sheer Anti-Shearing Inner Cover

Bariatric Hospital Mattresses

If you’re after a mattress for a bariatric patient, then choosing a mattress designed for patients that weigh more is essential. This ensures the chosen mattress is providing the right therapeutic benefit, is safe and will not bottom out after time.

Our bariatric mattress range is suitable for patients weighing up to 500kg, and it uses proven foam combinations, unique construction methods and high-performance cover materials.

Aged Care Mattresses

The first thing to look for when selecting a mattress for an aged resident is what level of risk are they, how much do they weigh and what type of comfort do they prefer. Aged care is typically end-of-life care so we must make sure our residents are comfortable and not experiencing pain. It is also important to note that aged care is degenerative, so it is best to start with a high or very high risk preventative pressure care mattress. Ensure the selected mattress provides addition stability to decrease their falls risk, which is a common issue with aged care residents.

Stretcher Mattresses

A stretcher mattress is specifically designed for use on stretcher beds, and it also protects patients from pressure injuries in the emergency and theatre application. Increasing research and evidence has highlighted the importance of reducing pressure injury incidence in this application.

Choose Forte Healthcare for Your Hospital Mattress

At Forte Healthcare, we specialise in enabling health professionals and home carers to give their patients the best experience. Our support surfaces are also available customisable to order, and we can include any modifications to the standard design during the manufacturing process, ensuring we customise without compromise.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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