Icon I34 Acute Care 165kg

Icon I34 Premium Triple Layer Pressure Care Mattress

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The Icon I34 mattress is a Premium Grade, Acute specified triple layer static foam mattress, suited to low-medium risk users. Integrating supportive strengthened sides, the Icon I34 boasts an unrivalled performance record from within rigorous Hospital applications.

Premium foams used within the Icon I34 Series are specifically formulated and treated for use within high humidity applications, typical to Hospital usage and Moisture Vapour Permeable Covers. The Icon I34 series is awarded to major Hospital supply contracts within Australia and is an excellent choice for Medical, Surgical, Aged, Rehabilitation and General Ward applications and is available with a comprehensive range of covers suiting any requirement.


  • High Temperature Stability to deliver consistent immersion, performance and comfort
  • Maximises Patient contact with Support Surfaces Providing Pressure
  • Redistribution
  • Alleviates localised pressure points
  • Depth calibrated to maximise functionality and patient mobility
  • Unique Airoform Breathe ventilation system minimises heat entrapment and enhances core circulation providing a cooler sleep surface
  • Visco-elastic/Memory Foam cell structure provides low-shear surface
  • Firmness: Soft

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  • Open cell high quality foam
  • Provides exceptional comfort and postural support for repositioning and
  • Patient care
  • Provides protection against ‘bottoming-out’ during transfer,
  • repositioning and whilst in the inclined/fowler position
  • Provides exceptional comfort, support for repositioning and
  • Patient care
  • Increase lateral stability of support surface
  • Improves patient safety and encourages central patient positioning
  • Make patient transfers easier
  • Unique hinge profile reduces foam fatigue and allow mattress to easily
  • conform to varied bed positions
  • Enables ease of primary patient care
  • Advantiflex PU1100 Pressure Care Polyurethane Upper Material: 4-Way Stretch, Vapour Permeable, Blue
  • Heavy Duty PVC Base Material: Durable, 100% Waterproof, Grey
  • Infection Control & Compliance: Inherent Anti-Microbial Protection, Fire retardant, High frequency sealed and welded seams
  • Construction: Two-sided / 180° high frequency welded zipper, Zipper waterfall protection flap, High frequency sealed and welded seams

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About the Icon I34

Premium Triple Layer Pressure Care Mattress

Strengthened Transfer Sides

Airoform Foam

Firm Foundation

Hospital Grade Technology


Foams used by Forté in the Icon I34 mattress are specifically formulated for use within high humidity applications, typical within Hospital applications where the mattress has low rest periods and is fitted with Moisture Vapour Permeable Covers. ‘Humidity’ treatment ensures that the structural integrity of the foams remains within conditions that would otherwise have a significant degrading effect on foam performance. It also ensures postural support is maintained for comfort and prevents excessive pressure forces because of foam collapse. It is crucial to pressure injury prevention that the foam maintains its support to prevent a ‘bottoming out’ effect and ensure immersion and envelopment.

Foams are also treated with Eversheild Anti-Microbial protection to prevent the growth of mould and bacteria. Maintaining healthy conditions within the foams reduces risk of infection control, cross patient contamination and mould.

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Foams are individually sourced and selected as raw materials by Forté Healthcare from verified manufacturers within Australia, Europe and United States for guaranteed compliance with International standards. Forté provides complete supply chain transparency, benefiting the user by ensuring ultimate governance on quality and raw material safety especially necessary as Medical Mattresses are used in very close physical proximity to vulnerable users.

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The Icon I34 mattress is one of the original ‘classic’ mattresses within the Forté range. Initially, It was designed specifically for NSW Health – meeting all their particular standards and requirements. The Icon I34 mattress is now being used widely in hospitals around Australia and has been approved for use by QLD Health, NSW Health, NT Health & SWEP Victoria. The cover on the Icon I34 mattress is often upgraded to the Premiflex covers for these applications.

The Icon I34 is a classic mattress in design, age, and level of care. A traditional three-layered graded density static foam mattress with a visco-elastic memory foam immersion interface layer, firm strengthened sides and a polyurethane wipe-clean pressure care cover. What does set the Icon I34 apart from similar mattresses is the medical foam treatment and the Breathe ventilation in the memory foam (for enhanced breathability). In addition to these foam enhancements, all seams on the cover are high frequency welded (not sewn) for optimal infection control.

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The Icon I34 mattress is designed to deliver effective pressure care for patients with a medium risk of obtaining a pressure injury. The Icon I34 has a therapeutic weight range of 40-165kg and a safe weight loading of 200kg. As such, the mattress is often used as the ‘go-to’ general ward mattress.

Australian made by Forté, the Icon I34 mattress can be customised in size to suit any bed platform. It Is important to ensure any mattress used fits the bed perfectly to prevent any risk of infection or entrapment

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A Reactive support surface is a powered or non-powered support surface with the capability to change its load distribution properties only in response to an applied load. Reactive support surfaces may be powered (active) or nonpowered (static). In comparison to an alternating pressure relieving mattress, reactive surfaces provide a constant low-pressure profile whereby the pressure at every contact point is reduced. The patient can be immersed and enveloped by the surface which increases the area of contact with the patient’s body and the reactive support surface.

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Reactive support surfaces come in many different types including:

  • Foam – mattress composed of foam or layers of foam with different densities and shapes. For example, Forté Icon Medium Care Mattresses.
  • Air or Gel Filled – surfaces comprise air or gel-filled compartments. For example, ROHO Integrated Systems.
  • Hybrid – surface combining foam and air technology to maximise the benefits offered by both static and alternating surfaces.
  • Low air loss – some air-filled support surfaces allow air to escape through small holes. The air flows along the inside of a vapour permeable patient contact layer. This draws moisture and heat through the contact layer and away from the skin. Low air loss aids control of moisture on a patient’s skin.
  • Air-fluidised – contain sand-like particles through which air is forced. As the air is forced through the particles, they take on the properties of a liquid. The porous cover allows air to escape out of the mattress and body fluids to flow down into the support surface

“Pressure redistribution is achieved by either increasing the body surface area that comes in contact with the support surface through immersion and envelopment (to reduce concentrations of weight over bony prominences) or sequentially altering the parts of the body that bear the load, thus reducing the duration of loading at any given anatomical site”. Prevention and Treatment of Pressure Injuries: Clinical Practice Guideline. The International Guideline 2019.

Select a reactive support surface for individuals who are able to reposition themselves enough to avoid weight bearing on all areas at risk for pressure ulceration and who have a stable spine.

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The Icon I34 mattress has inbuilt firm side walls constructed of an ultra-high density foam, engineered with a profile hinge system to reduce falls risk and provide enhanced stability. Side walls significantly help reduce the effort required to transition on or off sleep surface and assist with repositioning and other tasks. Therefore side walls are important for any users with limited strength.

Inbuilt strengthened sides reduce the risk of foam compression on the mattress edge, and subsequent user ‘roll-out’. Firm, rigid edging provides structural support for transfer, ingress, and egress. Forté side walls make primary care easier and suit the use of transfer and mobility aids such as slide boards.

Forté side walls have been designed with a unique integrated hinge system to reduce tension & compression in foam when used with a profiling bed. Reducing tension aids overall mattress longevity. The hinge system allows the mattress to easily articulate for the maximum benefit of electronic bed function.

Forte Manufacturing - Advantiflex Classic Cover


Large stocks of raw materials and foam varieties at all times…

You’re Covered by Forté Healthcare’s ‘Successful Solution Guarantee’

At Forté Healthcare, we are so confident in the care and performance our support surfaces deliver, that we back our products and expertise with our ‘Successful Solution Guarantee’.

Here’s how it works:
Our team of specialists will help you navigate our product range to correctly match our support surfaces with your care environment and patient risk profile. This ensures you achieve the highest levels of patient care and pressure injury prevention.

If, for whatever reason the product we recommend isn’t helping you achieve the outcome you expected, we’ll work with you until it is. And in the unlikely event we still cannot provide the right solution.

We’ll refund you 100% of the charges to date.

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