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Zephair Mattresses


High Level Acute Pressure Care and Comfort Air Mattress System

The ZEPHAIR Pressure Air Mattress range provides true leadership in powered patient pressure care. Tried and trusted in facilities from ICU Wards to Palliative Hospice use, this pressure care system will provide the answer to all acute care needs, whilst providing unparalleled comfort and staff Primary Care compliance.

Key clinical attributes include ventilated immersion upper layers, deep 24 cell alternating integrated inner mattress core, firm base foam layer, quiet efficient airflow generator with easy set weight calibration and dual stretch waterproof breathable cover.

The ZEPHAIR Pressure Care Air Mattress range includes models suited for standard hospital bed sizing, wide & bariatric requirements. The quality and features of the Zephair range allow confident usage
in the Hospital, Aged Care and Spinal environments. Select the Zephair Pressure Care System and achieve unsurpassed reliability and consistency of care.

The Zephair Pressure Care Mattress. Ultimate Comfort, Superior Care.


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22 Cell, Alternating Air System

  • 125mm depth facilitates immersion
  • Ultra-flexible, soft-touch material
  • 22 Cell System minimises patient disturbance
  • Static head support region

Multi-Tiered Shear Reduction System

  • Low friction inner cover compartmentalised to segregate the modular regions of the Zephair in turn delivering a series of shear reduction levels
  • Provides patients with fragile and frail skin additional protection and preventative care

Silent, Ergonomic Pump

  • Silent operation minimising patient disturbance
  • Intuitive, simple operation
  • One-touch quick-change air filter for ease of maintenance
  • Mounts to wide variety of beds
  • Quality componentry
  • Full after-sales backup and support
  • Low pressure indication & power failure alert

Power Cord Safety Retention System

  • Integrated loops enable the power cord to be fastened to the side of the mattress
  • Prevents trip hazards and power cord entrapment by adjustable bed surface
  • Press-stud closure allows easy fitment

Easy to Access CPR

  • Positioned on air supply tubes
  • Access is not impeded by bed linen or side rails

Modular Design

  • Every component is modular and replaceable for low ongoing operational costs
  • 360° access zipper for ease of maintenance

Patient Interface – Lower Layer

  • High-Performance, memory immersion foam
  • Alleviates localised pressure points
  • Provides maximum contact with patient for distribution of interface pressure
  • High temperature stability to deliver consistent immersion, performance and comfort
  • Unique airo-form ventilation system minimises heat entrapment and enhances core circulation providing a cooler sleep surface
  • Visco-elastic cell structure provides low-shear surface

Firm Foam Base Layer

  • Provides protection to air system from bed base
  • Provides patient protection should a prolonged power outage occur

Profile Stabilising Sides

  • Enables ease of primary patient care
  • Facilitates patient transfers
  • Unique hinge points allow mattress to easily conform to varied bed positions
  • Encourages central patient positioning

Sloped Heel Region

  • Enhances pressure relief & protection for critical at-risk heel region
  • Offloads pressure from the patients heels and transfers it to calf area
  • Unobtrusive, does not require any adjustment

Standard Cover Type: Premiflex Ultra Premium Breathe Pressure Care Cover with Anti-Shearing Inner Cover

  • For full specifications refer to downloadable brochure or contact the team at Forte Healthcare
  • Fully customisable to meet specific needs


ZAS1000  sizing
length 1980mm
thickness 215 mm
widths 880 mm (Single)
Effective Support Loading (ESL)* 30 – 180kg
warranty** Foam core — 5 years
Pump — 1 year
Air cell system — 2 years
ZAKS1000  sizing
length 1980mm
thickness 215 mm
widths 1050 mm (King Single)
Effective Support Loading (ESL)* 30 – 180kg
warranty** Foam core — 5 years
Pump — 1 year
Air cell system — 2 years

*Optimal patient weight range for pressure care and comfort

**Warranty refers to any manufacturing or product defects. Due to its nature, foam will soften and its resilience will decrease with usage and age. Contact Forte Healthcare Solutions for further specific information

Zephair Mattresses Image

Zephair | Dual Therapy Design - Static Immersion & Active Therapy

Zephair Mattresses Image

Zephair ZA1000 | Premiflex Ultra Premium Breathe Cover

Zephair Mattresses Image

Zephair ZA1000 | Multi-Tiered Shear Reduction System

Zephair Mattresses Image

Zephair | 22 Cell, Alternating Air System

Zephair Mattresses Image

Zephair | Multi-Tiered Super Shear Reduction System

Zephair Mattresses Image

Zephair | Silent, Ergonomic Pump

Zephair Mattresses Image

Zephair | Easy to Access CPR

Zephair Mattresses Image

Zephair | Airoform Memory Breathe Secondary Immersion Layer

Zephair Mattresses Image

Zephair | Firm Foundation & Profile Stabilising Sides

Zephair Mattresses Image

Zephair | Sloped Heel Region

Zephair Mattresses Image

Zephair | Very High Risk Air System

Zephair Mattresses Image

Zephair | Gental Critical Care

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